Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Top 5 Style Trends for Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best and smartest ways to update your home. But what are some of the best style choices that will make it feel current without quickly aging the room? There are so many options it can sometimes seem overwhelming. So just where do you begin?

The Fred Oakley Construction Company loves helping you create beautiful spaces that reflect your unique personal style, and meet all of your needs for day-to-day functionality. As a special help to you, we’ve created a list of our favorite bathroom design feature trends for 2015. Start with what you know you love, and what you know you need. Then, give us a call!

1) Natural beauty
The use of natural materials adds instant appeal to any bathroom space. From earthy materials like natural stone or wood-look tiles, natural elements add style and grace with a beauty ranging from classic simplicity to naturally elegant. Some of our favorites include walnut plank feature walls, marble floors, and stone shower stall bases.

2) Give it life
Bringing the outdoors in is a perfect way to warm a typically very hard room with a calming vibe. Green plants also impart a freshness to the atmosphere. Want a bathing area that’s welcoming and serene? Try adding some lovely living greenery.
3)Sustainable style
Recycled, reclaimed and upcycled materials and products used in are everywhere! Today’s bathroom design is no different. What’s wonderful is that we are also seeing more and more sustainable products that look just as good as their traditional counterparts. An added plus? Over time, price points have become increasingly competitive as well.
4) Geometric tiles
Another major design trend for the bathroom is geometric tiles. A great design solution for those who wish to add depth and visual interest to a plain, neutral space, the addition of geometric tiles can totally transform a bathroom with the wide variety of striking styles, colors and patterns available today.
5) Sleek greys
Greys have been a popular choice in bathroom fashions for the last several years, and it’s a trend that is enduring. Appealing to both masculine and feminine tastes, Adding grey to your bathroom is a sure way to give it an updated, contemporary look. Play around with shades, like soothing doves to soften, and rich charcoals for bold impact.

Penny for your thoughts: which are your style favorites? The Fred Oakley Construction Company does beautiful bathroom and kitchen remodels, as well as multi-room and single room additions, burnouts, decks, complete home renovations, room conversions, custom homes, basement build outs, garage conversions, attic conversions and custom designed porches. As a Tennessee state licensed contractor with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, the Fred Oakley Construction Company is proud of their reputation for quality. Not only do they do all kinds of residential construction and remodels, but their attention to detail helps them to perfectly collaborate with you in designing and creating the project of your dreams!

An licensed draftsman as well as home improvements and remodeling construction expert, founder Fred Oakley has personally worked in the field since 1979. You can trust the Fred Oakley Construction Company to get the job done right! Call today at 615-975-89166.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sudden Roof Leaks?

leaky roof.jpg
They say you can’t have a little rainbow without a little rain. Lately it seems that saying has been truer than ever! The good news about the rainy season is that it gives you the opportunity to discover roof damage that may otherwise go unnoticed. Yes, we promise, that’s really good news. When it comes to repairing roof damage or deterioration, later is always much more expensive than sooner. The bad news? Noone is ever prepared to deal with a sudden, unexpected roof leak in your home or office. Now what do you do?

You probably have enough sense to find a bucket or an empty wastebasket to catch the leaking water. Next, you will want to ensure that the water is not coming from a running water source or plumbing in the house that may be turned off. You will also need to survey the area for any places the water may come into direct contact with an electrical source, and either block its access to it or safely shut off the power at the source.

After that, call Fred Oakley. You should always contact an experienced professional for all your roof repair needs, or you may find yourself in an even costlier situation. Waiting too long may necessitate a roof replacement that could otherwise have been avoided. Roof leaks are not something that just any handyman can fix, especially if it’s an emergency.

Fred Oakley Construction Company can handle any of your roofing needs ranging from Middle Tennessee roofing repairs and restoration to all kinds of residential construction and remodels. As a Tennessee state licensed contractor with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, the Fred Oakley Construction Company is proud of their reputation for quality. So for all your Middle Tennessee emergency roof repair issues, call  at 615-975-8916. We look forward to helping you!

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