Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summertime: The Perfect Season to Remodel Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen in desperate need of major repairs or remodeling? Well, take heart, because now is the perfect time to plan and schedule your kitchen remodeling project with Fred Oakley Construction! A kitchen remodel will not only enhance your enjoyment of your home, but also add to its resale value. Never thought about summer as being ideal for kitchen remodeling? Summer just happens to be a super time to tackle a kitchen renovation project. Here are our top 3 reasons why:

1. Summer schedules are more convenient.
You do more cooking and entertaining outside in the summer, and warm weather activities lead to more dining away from home. You can cook over a grill and open windows and doors to ventilate any dust stirred up from the team busy in your kitchen. The interruption from the work is easier to deal with in the summer! Also, it's common for family members to head off for camp, sports events, the pool or the golf course, so there is even less opportunity for disruption. The inconvenience is simply easier to handle during summer. In other seasons little things like a van parked in the driveway or the noise of power tools can create a major disruption. Another added perk: most people are also likely to have more free time during summer to watch the work going on and to make any decisions or changes on the spot.

2. The best crews and materials tend to be most available in summer.
Many contractors who do not specialize in kitchen work want to schedule your remodel for the spring or fall, which is the traditional time for interior work when they’re not busy with larger outdoor framing and construction jobs. But spring and fall may not be the time when they have the best people available, or when they can always get what they need in supplies and materials. Of course, Fred Oakley Construction will always have the best staff available at your service all year round.

3.  Strong natural light is better for making product selections.
In summer you clearly see how everything looks in the brightest conditions, and you can cover the windows to see it exactly as it will appear in later months. You can view cabinet, door, and countertop samples in the natural light of your own kitchen, not in the artificial light of a home center showroom. Samples can be brought to your home and examined right in your current kitchen, but the muted light of a winter day may lead you to choose something that looks quite different when bright sunlight is streaming through the window.

The Fred Oakley Construction Company is your Middle Tennessee kitchen remodel pros! Located in Hendersonville, TN, we provide all types of residential construction services to the entire middle Tennessee area. Fred Oakley specializes in Kitchen and Bath Remodels, Multi Room and Single Room Additions, Burnouts, Decks, Complete Home Renovations, Room Conversions, Custom Homes, Basement Build Outs, Garage Conversions, Attic Conversions and Custom Designed Porches. As a Tennessee state licensed contractor with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, the Fred Oakley Construction Company is proud of their reputation for quality. Not only do they do all kinds of residential construction and remodels, but their attention to detail helps them to perfectly design and create the project of your dreams!

An licensed draftsman as well as home improvements and remodeling construction expert, founder Fred Oakley has personally worked in the field since 1979. You can trust the Fred Oakley Construction Company to get the job done right! Call today at 615-975-8916.

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